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Tilted House

House for three & more


600 sqm.


Korn Supsakorn

Chavana Kuttatharnmakul

Pimpakarn Poontavee

Tilted House is a medium 2-storey house with an area of 200 sqm. It is designed to serve several functions for the 3 family members in the house; consisting of 1 elder bedroom, 2 bedrooms and an open plan area where flexible functions can be readjusted over time.

The exterior of the house aims to provide privacy to the family members by introducing a titable façade at the master bedroom. The extension glass house also plays a big part in bringing the natural light into the house.

IMG_5252 copy_edited.jpg

Parquet house is a mixed-use building consisting of residential, office, and retail spaces.

IMG_9257 before.jpg

The idea was to expose the wooden beam to create a double volume space where natural light comes through the whole house.

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