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About Us

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Office WHOM is a research-based architectural firm founded in 2018 with a simple yet fundamental question

For whom

are we

designing for?

With each letter of our name abbreviating the four factors our belief circulates to and from:

W for wit, H for harmony, O for occupants, and M for method. These four concepts revolve around the ideology of how we intend to design and create a solution that is not just witty but will utterly harmonize with its occupants and surroundings when built by the right material and method. Aiming to weave functional requirements, context, environment, dweller’s taste, and if available, existing materials into well-designed interiors, homes, and buildings, Office WHOM always integrates the design process with thorough research and thoughtful experiments. Comprehending possibilities and potential in the multi-faceted lifestyle of the generation, Office WHOM would like to accommodate the renovation or the restoration of architectural structures for both business and living purposes.

What We Believe?

Sifting through the past, present, and future, architecture has always been about what was, what is, and what could be. Rooted back to the essence of our practice, we embrace shapes, materials, and textures of different colors and sizes, yet, selecting and de-selecting the most appropriate element according to each context, surrounding, and individuality.

Aiming to not lacking or having too much of anything and everything

As there is no one definite solution, while the art of balancing and selecting purposeful elements goes beyond appearances, we solely aim for the ones that resonate with the rhythm of your life and rhyme with your delight. Meticulously implemented by the right method for our occupants; living and non-living, whom we believe deserve their foremost spots regardless, we are inspired to create harmony within the space as well as within the souls of the inhabitants.


Together with our wits, good intentions, and a touch of humor, we promise to be truly inventive, purposeful, and free of form. We promise to deliver our end products promptly with our best abilities, design with a positive attitude, and our utmost honesty. Treating each development as our last, aiming to not lacking or having too much of anything and everything, we believe we can make a difference to the community and be a contribution, big or small, to a better society.

Our Vision & Voice

As essential as it is to live in the present, having a long-term goal is no less important. The team wishes to be professionally collaborating with projects of different backgrounds, locations, limitations, and sizes. Aiming to enhance relationships between people and the environment in all aspects, Office WHOM puts effort to make the most out of every available resource.

We are inspired to reinforce relationships and interaction through architecture.

Korn Supsakorn founded Office WHOM in 2018, a thesis he worked on during his master's degree at Columbia University GSAPP, New York City, USA. 


Since moving back to Thailand in 2020.

We see ourselves easily tackle each dynamic building, hotel, condominium, and home within the city as well as each farmhouse, and a vacation home in rural areas across Thailand. With an aspiration to become an experienced and well-established architectural firm, we are inspired to reinforce relationships and interactions through architecture.

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Contact Us


168 Phuttamonthon 1,

Bangramad, Taling Chan

Bangkok, 10170 Thailand

Tel          : 66 89 746 4242

Email     :

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